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Business Opportunities

Doing Business with SAT

Business Opportunities

SAT’s Solicitation Schedules section offers prospective contractors, consultants, vendors and concessionaires detailed information and schedules on bid openings, bid results, RFPs, RFQs and specifications/solicitations.

Code of Ethics

Notice Regarding Prohibition on Campaign or Officeholder Contribution for Individuals and Entities Seeking High-Profile Contracts.

Under Section 2-309 of the Municipal Campaign Finance Code, the following are prohibited from making a campaign or officeholder contribution to any member of City Council, candidate for City Council or political action committee that contributes to City Council elections from the 10th business day after a contract solicitation has been released until 30 calendar days after the contract has been awarded:

  1. Legal signatory of a high-profile contract;
  2. Any individual seeking a high-profile contract;
  3. Any owner or officer of an entity seeking a high-profile contract;
  4. The spouse of any of these individuals; and
  5. Any attorney, lobbyist or consultant retained to assist in seeking contract.

A high-profile contract cannot be awarded to the individual or entity if a prohibited contribution has been made by any of these individuals during the “black out” period.

Upcoming Solicitation

If you are interested in a list of solicitations to be released in the near future please email your request to

Disclaimer: The City is under no obligation to release any solicitations provided on the list. All dates and dollar amounts are also subject to change.

Visit for information on SAT’s Small Business Office and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program:

Becoming a Vendor

Every manufacturer, supplier, vendor and others wishing to do business with the City of San Antonio MUST FIRST register with the City. There are two types of classifications, Procurement and Non-Procurement. If you will receive payments from the City of San Antonio under a contract, if you will receive Requests for Quotations, Purchase Orders, or other Procurement documents, or if you are a construction or architecture and engineering vendor, you are considered a Procurement Vendor in the Central Vendor Registration (CVR).