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    A thriving International Airport is vital for supporting and growing our region through strong economic development. When businesses choose SAT, everyone benefits. More passengers means more non-stop flights, more airlines, and more competition—lowering fares and increasing opportunities for everyone.
    Simply stated, ASD is vitally important to growing our region by providing the air service needed to attract more visitors, more businesses, and more commerce.

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10M Passengers

10M Passengers

12 Air Carriers

10 Air Carriers

18 New Flights

18 New Flights

3,000 New Seats

3,000 New Seats

3-Year Growth

3-Year Growth

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New Routes

Economic Health of Our Region

Air Service Development (ASD) is one of the most important contributors to the overall economic health of our region. Adding routes and airlines to our airport can have a direct and significant impact on tourism, business development, jobs, and commerce in South Texas.

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ASD & Business

We rely on businesses to fuel a large part of our local economy. Similarly, businesses rely on SAT to provide access to the resources needed to grow their businesses. It’s this symbiotic relationship that helps make air travel affordable and accessible to everyone in the area. By choosing SAT for travel, businesses can benefit from access to:

  • High-quality talent
  • Supply chain infrastructure
  • Affordable air travel to major cities around the world

Economic Snapshot

#2 Economy Growth
Potential among Large
U.S. Cities



New Jobs

+11% 2014-2019


Most Job Growth (%)

November 2019 YOY, Large Metros


Business Relocation and Expansion



People per Day



Capital Investment

Corporate: 2018-2019


GDP Growth


Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis, BLS, SA Economic Dev Foundation, San Antonio Business Journal and Business Facilities

Tourism Snapshot

Largest Tourism
in Texas



Annual Visitors

+25% since 2012


Direct Spending

In Billions


Overnight Visitors

By Year


Economic Impact

+25% since 2012


Hotel Rooms

+4,000 in the pipeline

Source: Visit San Antonio, SA Business Journal
and State of Texas Tourism Office

Economy Impact

A Diverse,
Evolving Economy

Laptop images

Source: San Antonio Economic Development Office,
SA Business Journal, SA Express News

Key Industry Impact


Hospitality $15, Finance $14, IT/Cybersecurity/Tech $10, Military $49, Healthcare/Bioscience $40, Advance Manufacture $40

Key Industry Employment


Finance 61,000, Advance Manufacture 51,000, IT/Cybersecurity/Tech 34,000, Healthcare/Bioscience 182,000, Hospitality 140,000, Military 78,000

New Jobs by Industry

(% Growth 2009-2017)

IT/Cybersecurity 27%, Advanced Manufacture 16%, Finance/Insurance 7%, Healthcare/Bioscience 3%

ASD & Airlines

As part of our ongoing commitment to growing SAT, we’ve implemented an ASD strategic plan designed to retain and increase air service by working to attract new carriers, add new routes and increase the frequency and aircraft size of our current service. Airlines seeking to expand into the South Texas area will find a successful community with a healthy long-term growth outlook in San Antonio.

View Incentive Plan
  • Destination’s attractions
  • Visitor numbers
  • Hotel and accommodation capacity
  • Local economy
  • Infrastructure developments
  • Geopolitical situation

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