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Safety Management System (SMS)

The San Antonio Airport System’s Safety Division is responsible to provide and maintain an environment conducive to the safety and health of airport employees, users, and the public by applying a Safety Management System (SMS) intended to reduce hazards, incidents, and accidents to the lowest possible level.

SMS provides a management system for integrating safety activities into normal day-to-day business practices. It is a formal, top down, systematic approach to identify hazards and control risks.

SMS includes four components – Safety Policy, Safety Risk Management, Safety Assurance, and Safety Promotion. SMS helps enhance safety by facilitating the development of an organization-wide safety policy and implementing methods to proactively identify and mitigate hazards.

  • One of the key features of an effective SMS is to hold each person, regardless of his or her position, responsible for safety performance.
  • In the San Antonio Airport System (SAAS), the Aviation Director is the highest ranking official, and therefore is the Accountable Executive.
  • The Aviation Director ultimately assumes full responsibility for the SAAS SMS; however, he can delegate the day-to-day operational responsibilities of the SMS to the Assistant Aviation Director.


Safety Objectives identify SAAS’s commitment to aviation safety.

  • To motivate safe actions through the establishment of a “Just Cause”.
  • To recognize and report unsafe practices.
  • To train all employees about the SMS Plan and procedures.
  • To share with tenants the SMS Plan and work cooperatively with their SMS Plans.
  • To ensure that safe work practices will take precedence over expediency.
  • To prevent and protect the health and safety of employees, airport users, and the public by reducing losses arising from accidents.
  • To monitor and communicate the effectiveness of the SMS Plan to employees, tenants, and the public.

Airport Safety Division Organization

Airport Safety Division Organization

Airport Safety Division Contact Information

Lenny Irwin, Airport Safety Manager

Administrative Assistant

Warren Johnson, Airport Safety Analyst

Mario Diaz, Airport Safety Analyst

Marcus Machemehl, Wildlife Biologist

Safety Hotline, 24 hours a day 

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