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Arriving from an International Flight

As an arriving passenger, you will be required to provide international documentation, such as a passport, and declare any items of value. The inspections program is responsible for ensuring that individuals entering the U.S. are eligible to do so under U.S. immigration law. You can find more information on U.S. Customs and Immigration online.

See what it’s like to travel through Customs at SAT with new health safety measures in place. Watch video

Vea cómo es viajar por la Aduana en el SAT con nuevas medidas de seguridad sanitaria implementadas. Ver video

International Visitors Representatives

International Visitors Representatives (IVRs) are available for every flight in the customs arrival area to answer questions and assist in directing passengers as they enter the airport. IVRs can also assist passengers with reviewing federal forms, provide interpretation services as needed and provide information regarding airport facilities, ground transportation and tourist attractions. Additionally, there are two information booths staffed by volunteers in the Terminal A baggage claim, right outside the customs area to assist passengers.

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Global Entry

Global Entry is now offered at San Antonio International Airport. The Global Entry program is managed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and allows pre-approved, low-risk travelers expedited clearance upon arrival into the United States.

CBP Trusted Traveler Programs Enrollment Center

The Trusted Traveler Program Enrollment Center is open for scheduled appointments only. Walk-ins are not accepted at this time.

Check the Global website for available appointments on Mondays and Fridays.

Participants of Global Entry will enter the United States by utilizing automated kiosks located in the Customs and Border Protection area. The average time for Global Entry processing is around 40 seconds.

The program is ideal for those who leave the country at least four times per year, airline personnel, and business travelers. Those participating in the program benefit from being better equipped to make tight connecting flights.

Ticket Machine

Step-by-step instructions on
how to use the kiosks in
each Global Entry airport.

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Apply Online

View how to apply for Global
Entry on the Global
website for more information.

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Currency Exchange

There are also currency exchange locations
available throughout San Antonio.

Marcy’s Business Travel Center

in the Terminal A ticket lobby.

Phone 210.892.1100

Hours 5:30am – 8:30pm

Frost Bank


Phone 210.220.5695


Phone 210.227.4447


Meeting Arriving
International Passengers

Passengers on international flights arrive at Terminal A.

Estimated time to clear U.S. Customs and Immigration is between 30 to 60 minutes.

Meet arriving international passengers at Baggage Claim, lower level Terminal A

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International Flight Tips for Departing Passengers

  • Arrive at the airport at least three hours before your scheduled departure.
  • Bring copies of your passport. In the event that your passport gets stolen or lost, you will be able to prove your citizenship and get back into the country.
  • Register with your embassy. It’s a good idea to register with your embassy in the event there is a problem in the country. This will make it easier for your government to contact you and get you to safety. For information on how to register, go to the Smart Traveler website.
  • Check-in with your doctor. Work with your doctor to make sure that you have all of the proper vaccinations. Also, make sure you have renewed all essential prescriptions.
  • Contact your insurance carrier. Consider adding supplemental insurance if your medical insurance policy doesn’t cover emergencies overseas.
  • Visit the CDC’s Travelers Health Website: Before you depart, learn about the potential health risks related to your destination.
  • Visit the CDC’s International Travel for updated information on international travel during COVID-19.
  • Look up the monetary conversion before you go.
    Always carry local cash. Not every destination accepts credit cards so carrying cash in the local currency will be helpful. This is especially important when using public transportation.
  • Purchase attraction tickets early. By doing so, you can potentially save time and skip lines. You may also be able to get a discounted ticket.
  • Invest in guidebooks. Guidebooks usually include maps, helpful information, and language assistance.
    Download popular apps before you travel.
    Make sure you have a charger adapter. Countries have different size plugs and voltage.
  • Research your phone’s global capabilities. Avoid roaming charges when using your cell phone.
  • Pack an extra set of clothes, snacks, and prescriptions in your carry-on bag.

Take a look at the U.S. Customs’ “Know
Before You Go” information.

Know Before you go


All departing passengers must go through passenger security screening. You must be ready to show an agent a valid passport or other approved government-issued photo identification and a flight boarding pass before entering the screening area. The U.S. Transportation Security Administration describes security screening and its airline travel policies on its website

Visit U.S. Customs and Immigration Site

Visa/ Passport Information

Visit the Department of Homeland Security website for more information.

For a list of international travel resources, entry requirements, international driver’s licenses, travel warnings, and more, please visit

Texas Tax Back for International Shoppers

All The sales tax in San Antonio is .08% and foreign travelers receive refunds on this tax! This is true statewide.

How to Receive the Refund

You must purchase the merchandise in San Antonio within 30 days of departure from the United States and present it for rebate at tax back locations around the city.

  • North Star Mall
    Second Level in front of Forever 21
    Third Level of Macy’s Department Store
  • The Shops at La Cantera
    Just outside Dillards Department Store
  • San Marcos Premium Outlets
    In between Bose and Dooney & Bourke