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SAT Guaranteed Parking Program

Designed to meet the needs of frequent flyers and business travelers, the SAT Guaranteed Parking Program (GPP) means guaranteed, no-hassle parking for individuals and companies with two options for monthly parking available.

Short Term Parking Garage – $360.00 per month
Long Term Parking Garage – $240.00 per month

GPP membership benefits:

  • Guaranteed parking even if your chosen garage is full.
  • Located on the lowest level, access controlled, exclusive parking areas in both garages.
  • Online monthly payments and account management.
  • Parking within walking distance to terminals.
  • The monthly card can be shared by multiple people within a company or family. Only one vehicle at a time.
  • Guaranteed Parking Program FAQs

Membership Is Limited!

Reserve your card today

For more information and to reserve your card, email
[email protected].

Guaranteed Parking
Program FAQs:

What is the program?

The San Antonio International Airport Guaranteed Parking Program is designed to meet the needs of frequent flyers and business travelers, by offering guaranteed, no-hassle parking for individuals and companies through the use of a proximity card, no larger than a credit card.

Where is the Guaranteed Parking Program Corral?
  • The Long Term parking corral is located on the first floor of the Long Term parking garage, to the left of the vehicle entrance.
  • The Short Term Corral is located on level 0. Maps to the locations are available on program registration.
What is the cost of the program?

The program is $240/month for Long Term garage and $360.00/month for the Short Term garage.

How do I purchase a card?

To reserve space send an email to [email protected]. They will send you the application, options for payment, a map of the parking areas, and a copy of the Terms & Conditions.

How do I get in the garage(s) when they are FULL to public parking?

Show your parking card to the entry attendant and tell them you are a guaranteed parking program member. You will be allowed to enter and proceed to your parking space.

How do I cancel my Guaranteed Parking Program account?

You may cancel your membership at any time by notifying Airport Parking & Ground Transportation at 210.207.3465 or [email protected]v by the 15th day of the month for cancellation on the last day of said month.

If I enter the parking garage do I have to park in the corral?


Do I have to register my vehicle for the Guaranteed Parking Program?

Yes, all vehicles that will use the parking card must be registered with the parking office. A. Your account details can be updated by sending an email to [email protected]

Can I buy the card for multiple people to use?

Yes, the card may be shared by multiple people at different times. However, only one vehicle at a time may use the card to park in the designated corral areas of the garages.

Once the card has been used to enter the garage and corral, it will not be able to be used by anyone else until that car has exited the corral and garage.

What types of payment are accepted for the Guaranteed Parking Program?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, cash or cashier ’s check. If you would like to pay by cash or cashier’s check you will need to pay in person at 9453 Airport Blvd., San Antonio, TX 78216.

Once you reserve a space through an email to [email protected], specific payment instructions will be sent to you.

Can I pay for my card online?

Yes – You may register a credit or debit card online and have payments automatically charged on a monthly basis. You may update your account information at any time.

What if I forget my Parking Card?

If you do not have the parking card with you to enter into the coral, you will be required to park in the garage areas open to the public and pay the applicable parking fee. Parking fees will not be reimbursed.

What if my Guaranteed Parking Program card is lost or stolen?

If you lose your Program Card, you must immediately report the loss to Airport Parking & Ground Transportation at 210.207.3465 or [email protected].

You must come in person to the parking office to apply for a replacement Program Card. A fee of $25.00 will be charged for issuance of a replacement Program Card.

Military Parking

Specialty and Disabled License Plates

Specialty and Disabled License Plates

New in 2022 – Accessible Parking License Plates Law

A new state law requires when parking in an ADA parking space, the vehicle must display a license plate that contains the International Symbol of Access or an unexpired placard on your vehicle in plain view. A DV or Military specialty license plate alone no longer authorizes parking a vehicle in an ADA parking spaces.

Disabled Veteran License Plates
(Issued by any State)

Veterans who have permanently affixed disabled veteran license plates on the vehicles parked at the San Antonio International Airport are granted validated parking. Disabled veteran license plates issued by the State of Texas or any other U.S. state that indicate on the face of the license plate that the owner of the vehicle is a disabled veteran of the United States will be honored once the conditions below are met.

No refunds after exit will be granted. Vehicles left longer than 30 days are subject to tow at owner’s expense.

What does the new license plate policy change mean?

• Veterans with “DV” plates but without the ISA symbol will not be able to park in a handicapped spot.
• DV plates with a handicapped placard may park in disabled parking spots.
• Plates with the ISA symbol may park in disabled parking spots.

Specialty License Plates (Texas Issued Only)

Complimentary parking is extended to those veterans who have certain recognized specialty service plates issued by the State of Texas. The complimentary parking is applicable when the registered owner(s) of the vehicle (includes spouse or surviving spouse, if listed on the vehicle registration) are in the vehicle when exiting the parking area. 

FREE PARKING* for Disabled Veterans & Texas Specialty license plate holders will only be honored when the customer presents the following at the parking exit:

  • A vehicle that has permanently affixed license plate with approved DV or specialty
  • Driver’s License or Military ID card
  • Copy of the current Vehicle Registration renewal receipt. (click here for sample picture)
  • Completed Parking Validation Form

*Vehicles left longer than 30 days are subject to tow at owner’s expense.

The validation form is available at the exit booth or you can print the form.

If you do not have a copy of your current vehicle registration receipt, a copy can be obtained at the county Tax Assessors Office or regional service center in person ($2.00) or by mail ($3.00).

The required form may be downloaded from the Texas Motor vehicle website. Request for Texas Motor Vehicle Information (Form VTR-275)

The exemption for payment is granted on the condition that the vehicle is being operated by or used for the transportation of the owner and recipient of the disabled veteran or specialty military license plate.

No refunds after exit will be granted.

The following is a list of those plates that are recognized by Texas State Law (Texas Transportation Code 681.008 and 504.317) and San Antonio City Code.

  • Air Medal
  • Air Medal with Valor
  • Air Force Cross
  • Airman’s Medal
  • Bronze Star
  • Bronze Star with Valor
  • Congressional Medal of Honor
  • Coast Guard Medal
  • Defense Meritorious Service Medal
  • Defense Superior Service Medal
  • Distinguished Flying Cross
  • Distinguished Flying Cross with Valor
  • Distinguished Service Cross     
  • Distinguished Service Medal(s)
    • Air Force
    • Army
    • Coast Guard
    • Navy
    • Department of Defense
    • Department of Homeland Security
    • Department of Transportation
  • Legion of Merit
  • Legion of Valor
  • Meritorious Service Medal
  • Navy and Marine Corps Medal
  • National Defense Service Medal
  • Navy Cross
  • Pearl Harbor Survivor
  • Prisoner of War Medal
  • Purple Heart 
  • Silver Star
  • Soldier’s Medal
  • WWII Veteran

Handicap Placard License Plate Parking Validation

Specialty and Disabled License Plates

The San Antonio International Airport grants up to 24 hours of complimentary parking to any vehicle that has a State-issued Disabled Plate or when a passenger in a vehicle has hang tag placard when the following:

  • Driver’s license (or State-Issued ID Card) of the placard recipient or parent
  • Completed Parking Validation Form
  • Validation form is available at the exit booth or you can print the form.

No refunds will be granted after exiting.

*Vehicles left longer than 30 days are subject to tow at owner’s expense.

Hybrid Parking

There are 78 parking spaces atop the long term garage that are shaded by 122 solar panels.

Electric Charging Parking

The San Antonio Airport is equipped with a total of 22 electric vehicle charging station ports in our parking facilities. Twenty of those stations are located in our Long Term and Short Term parking garages. There is no additional charge for the use of these stations, however registration for access is required.

For more information and to register for access, please go to

Park Assist

Park Assist® is the parking industry’s leading camera-based parking guidance with digital wayfinding signage from entry to exit. The patented technology helps customers effortlessly find parking spaces in real-time. The color-coded M4 smart-sensor system guides parkers through the facility to vacant spaces using red and green lights to indicate occupancy.

Park Assist’s unique “Find Your Car” feature enables travelers to quickly locate their vehicle upon returning to the facility by entering all or part of their license plate number into a Park Assist mobile app. Download the app and start enjoying all the features Park Assist has to offer.