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More than 10 million passengers — an average of 25,000 per day — fly in and out of the San Antonio International Airport each year. In the next 20 years, that number could double to 18 million passengers per year.

To accommodate this growth and continue to generate prosperity, the Airport must keep up with the air travel needs of the community and region. So, the San Antonio Airport System launched a Strategic Development Plan process to focus on the next 20 years, and to examine the suitability of the site for growth and expansion in the next 50 years.



The data-driven Strategic Development Plan will produce options regarding land use, facilities, and services required for the airport system to accommodate the growth of the San Antonio region. The “will it fit?” in the current location question will be answered in late 2018; the entire study is expected to conclude in 2022.

Throughout the San Antonio Airport System Strategic Development Plan, community members have been encouraged to be involved in the process through informal pop-up meetings, public meetings, participation in existing community meetings, social media, web pages, newsletters, surveys, and stakeholder groups.

SDP Documentation

Executive Summary
2040 Strategic Development Plan
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Inventory of Existing Conditions
Chapter 3
Aviation Demand Forecasts
Chapter 4
Demand/Capacity and Facility Requirements
Chapter 5
Alternatives Development and Evaluation
Chapter 6
Implementation and Funding Plan
Chapter 7
Environmental Overview and Sustainability Initiatives