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Statistics & Financials

Passenger and
Cargo Statistics

Each month, the San Antonio International Airport (SAT) publishes operational results which discuss passenger and cargo traffic activity. Each month, summary and detailed results are published for your review.

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Comprehensive Annual Financial
Report (CAFR)

The San Antonio Airport System (SAAS) operates as an enterprise fund of the City of San Antonio (City). An enterprise fund is used to account for and report operations that are financed and operated in a manner similar to private business enterprises, where the intent of the governing body is that the expenses (including depreciation) of providing goods and services to the general public on a continuing basis should be financed or recovered primarily through user charges.

The City owns both San Antonio International Airport and Stinson Municipal Airport, which are operated and managed by the Aviation Department. As a City department, SAAS does not publish its own CAFR, but participates and is considered a major fund within the City’s CAFR. As a tool for SAAS stakeholders and the general public, comparative Statement of Net Assets and Statement of Revenues, Expenses, and Changes of Net Assets are available by clicking on the link below.

It should be noted that although these statements represent the financials as stated in the City’s CAFR, they should not be considered official financial statements of SAAS. They are presented for informational purposes only.

Bond Documents

San Antonio International Airport System’s Official Statements

Airport Continuing Disclosure

This report contains financial and operating information updating certain information contained in the Official Statements issued in conjunction with the Airport’s Revenue Bonds. The Airport System’s Continuing Disclosure is published as part of a city-wide Continuing Disclosure. SAAS’s portion of this statement can be viewed at the link below.

Rates and Charges

For a full list of the San Antonio Airport System’s airline rates and charges.

Economic Impact Study

San Antonio Airport System is home to two airports, San Antonio International Airport and Stinson Municipal Airport. It is owned and operated by the City of San Antonio.

San Antonio International Airport
The operations of the airport system have significant economic effects throughout the San Antonio region. Some of these are direct economic impacts that involve airport services provided directly for airport users and passengers. Other impacts are indirect effects, which arise from spending in the San Antonio region by visitors who have flown here for personal or business reasons. This spending on lodging, dining and other travel activities becomes earnings for those employed in the tourism and entertainment sectors.

Additional regional economic impacts of the airport system are induced when airport employees and tourism and entertainment workers spend these earnings, and those dollars are re-spent in the local economy, supporting companies and jobs in the San Antonio region. This regional spending also contributes to state and local tax coffers.

The San Antonio Airport System constitutes a significant economic community on its own. Multiple organizations and businesses play roles in the system’s airports by providing jobs, earnings and economic activity that all contribute to the regional economy. These businesses and jobs call on the full range of skills and specializations that make up the modern civil aviation industry, from operating aircraft to servicing aviation operations and equipment to offering services to passengers and shippers at the airport.

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